Exchange 1

Lori to me:  your eyes match your shirt!  so green!

me:  my eyes kinda change with what i’m wearing.

Monica to us all:  oh man!  my eyes are always caca brown…

Eileen to everyone:  caca?!  it should be brownie brown or something…

Exchange 2

I’m bend over in the kitchen and Michael asks, “are you having an existential crisis?”  To which I respond, “Me?  No.  My hammie’s are tight.”

Ways to Wake Up

This morning I woke up from a dream of me dreaming that i was swimming only to wake up (doubly inside my dream) to find that I was actually swimming… in the middle of a deserted woodland lake.  So, it wasn’t so much the idea of drowning from a nap that woke me but the thought that I was asleep in my dream?

A less disturbing and funnier way to wake up

A few days ago, I was woken up by a text from Alton (my son).  It said, “Morning, Sweetie!”.  
I thought that was a little strange, but nice none the less.
Then a few seconds later, I got another text from him that said, “Oops, sorry, that was for Leah”.  (his girlfriend)
That made more sense, but then I was bummed and texted back, “Oh man, how come I don’t get a good morning sweetie?”
To which he replied, “Good morning Mother Dearest”

When I told Michael about the exchange he said, “Mommy Dearest?”  To which I replied, “ha ha, no, i don’t think so.  he hasn’t seen that movie”.

Earlier this summer, Daisy did NOT want to go for a walk…. I guess :)

more than 200 characters, but #proudmom :)

prior to to the start of Claire’s varsity volleyball match this evening, I paused before going into the gym.  wanting to put off the heat of the gym,  I stopped to chat with the freshmen that were working the food booth.  we talked about volleyball in general for a few minutes and then it came out that I was Claire’s mom and they said: “oh my god… we love Claire!  she’s so cool!”

rainy day last week in the back yard